The 18th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture

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Centre for Yiddish Culture
and the Shalom Foundation
proudly announce
The 18th International Summer Seminar
Yiddish Language and Culture
Warsaw, 29 June – 17 July 2020




Submerge yourself in our intensive Yiddish summer course and a variety of language-related activities in our Warsaw Yiddish Center.


Participate in a wide range of afternoon cultural events, lectures and workshops.


Discover the pre- and postwar history of Yiddish culture in Poland.


Get to know contemporary Jewish life in Poland.


Meet native Yiddish speakers from Poland and learn their stories.


Visit the once vibrant center of Yiddish culture.


Explore the resources of Warsaw archives, libraries and visual collections documenting Jewish life in Poland.



What do we offer?



60 hrs of language instruction.

10 hrs of afternoon language tutorial for beginners / speaking classes for more advanced students.


Afternoon lectures and a handful of workshops (e.g. Yiddish song, theater, reading Yiddish manuscripts), evening movie screenings.


Guided tours in Warsaw (the Jewish cemetery with tombstones of Y.L. Peretz, Chone Shmeruk and others; the Jewish quarter of Praga on the right bank of the Vistula river, the Warsaw ghetto) as well as visits to the Jewish Historical Institute and other venues and museums.


The lectures and language instructions will be given by specialists from various centers, including Warsaw University, Jagiellonian University, Wrocław University, Warsaw Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Polish Academy of Science and Jewish Historical Institute and others.


Participants will also get a unique opportunity to meet native Yiddish speakers from Poland and learn about the history of postwar Yiddish culture and other topics from the best specialists in the field.





You can apply for:
1) Language course + cultural program (2 or 3 weeks)
2) Cultural program only (please inquire by e-mail)




Three-week program:

Normal fee: $800 / 700 euro
Student fee: $550 / 500 euro
Cultural program only: $500 / 440 euro


Two-week program:

Normal fee: $550 / 470 euro
Student fee: $370 / 350 euro
Cultural program only: $350 / 300 euro



Bank transfer details:

Fundacja Shalom
ul. Senatorska 35
00-099 Warszawa
NIP: 526-10-26-136

Santander Bank


PL 69 1910 1123 2200 2941 2121 0002


PL 42 1910 1123 2200 2941 2121 0003


PL 96 1910 1123 2200 2941 2121 0001



You can pay by PayPal. Our e-mail there is: Please add 4% for fees if you pay by PayPal. Thank you!



Scholarship opportunities: a limited number of partial scholarships is available. Preference is given to students form Central and Eastern Europe but other students are also encouraged to apply.



Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2020.
The deadline for scholarship applications: May 3, 2020.


Please note that no scholarship opportunities are available for the two-week course and the cultural program only. Only students willing to participate in the whole program are eligible to apply.




If you need help in finding an accommodation, please contact us.



How to apply?
Please write us:



Projekt współfinansowany przez Ministra Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji.



Projekt współfinansowany przez Stowarzyszenie Żydowski Instytut Historyczny