Who can attend the program?

Everybody can attend our program regardless of their age, gender, or ethnic background. No prior knowledge of Yiddish is required. There are usually quite a few students from Poland, both Jewish and non-Jewish. In the 18-year history of the program, we have had students from different countries: the USA, Israel, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. The participants form a very diverse group: from college, graduate and postgraduate students to Holocaust survivors and native Yiddish speakers who share their experiences and memories with their collegues.

When to apply?

As soon as possible! Applications must be received prior to May, 31 2020. The scholarship applications with all supporting documents must be sent until May, 3 2020.

Can I leave before the program ends?

You may either apply for a two-week program or decide to leave earlier. Please note that in the latter case, we will not be able to give you the diploma and credits. In both cases, you are not eligible for a scholarship.

Do I have to attend all afternoon activities?

You are encouraged but not obliged to. You may choose freely whatever fits your needs and interests. The staff will be happy to assist you in exploring Warsaw on your own too. We also prepare an information-package for all students, including maps, tourist and other useful information that will help your stay in Warsaw be as pleasant an experience as it may be.

What is the exact schedule of activities?

The full schedule will be announced at the beginning of June 2020. We may send you a copy of the last year’s program.


What are the costs of the program?

– normal: 700 eu
– reduced fee: 500 eu

– normal: 800
– reduced fee 550


– normal: 470 eu
– reduced fee: 350 eu

– n
ormal: 550
– reduced fee 370

Are there any Orthodox services in Warsaw?

Orthodox Sabbath services are held at the Nozyk Synagogue in 6, Twarda street. For more information see: http://warszawa.jewish.org.pl/en/nozyk-synagogue

There is also a Jewish Center operated by Chabad Lubavitch of Poland. For details see their website: www.chabad.org.pl.

What about other services?

Warsaw is also home to two progressive communities: Beit Warszawa and Ec Chaim. For more information, see: www.beit.org.pl and www.ecchaim.pl.

Is traditional Jewish Sabbath observance possible in the framework of the program?

Yes, shabes is entirely free and you may organize your time as you wish.

Can I eat kosher in Warsaw?

There are several places where you can eat out kosher. The Jewish Community of Warsaw runs a kosher canteen. There is a kosher bar in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews located 10 minutes from the Center.The nearest kosher restaurant, Galil Kosher Cafe and Restaurant and Kosher Delight are located one metro station away from the Center. There are also other places. Tel Aviv Deli (some 30 min. on foot from the Center) serves only kosher vegetarian food.  Other places include: Hummus Bar, Bekef famous for its superb Israeli food. Both located about 20 minutes from the Center by bus or metro. For directions, please ask the Seminar Assistant.

Kosher products can be obtained in a lot of Polish stores. There is a list of kosher products developed under the supervision of Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich. There are also a few special kosher stores, one of them is located around the corner from the Nożyk Synagogue entrance. You may also buy kosher food through Internet.

Should you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us!