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About us

Center for Yiddish Culture (CKJ)

Established on the initiative of the Shalom Foundation
Currently, it operates within the Jewish Theater-Center for Yiddish Culture

CKJ was founded by Gołda Tencer. Our activities focus primarily on the culture and language of Ashkenazi Jews. We want to talk about them and teach about them in an interesting, modern way - so that this diverse and rich legacy has a chance to be better integrated into the contemporary Polish cultural narrative. tour objective is to show that the Yiddish culture goes far beyond the nostalgic shtetl pictures – we strive to present it is a living heritage which needs to be integrated in various social and artistic projects and scientific initiatives. It is time for Polish artists to enter into a real dialogue with the Yiddish heritage. Much is said and written about emptiness and loss associated with the alleged disappearance of the Yiddish culture. We want to fill this alleged void with content. Show how much this (un)presence has today to offer. This is our biggest challenge.

Seminarium 2010
We implement and plan to implement our activities in various fields. The center runs Yiddish language classes at four levels. We also run pilot Yiddish online courses for people who do not have the opportunity to take full-time courses.
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The Center provides regular Yiddish and Hebrew language lessons at several levels.

They are run by excellent and experienced teachers: Regina Gromacka (Hebrew), Magdalena Kozłowska, Agata Reibach, Martyna Steckiewicz, Karolina Szymaniak (Yiddish).

Classes are open to anyone who is interested, regardless of age and identity.

We have been organizing the International Yiddish Language and Culture Summer Seminar for many years, attended by lecturers and students from around the world: Estonia, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United States, Brazil and Argentina, to name but a few. Among the lecturers and workshop leaders there were, among others prof. Abraham Lichtenbaum (Argentina), dr Gilles Rozier (France), dr Karen Auerbach (USA), dr Paul Glaser (USA), dr Natalia Krynicka (France), dr Karolina Szymaniak (Poland), dr Agata Reibach (Germany), Jeff Warschauer and Debborah Strauss (USA), Avishay Hadari. Since 2010, the seminar takes place in Warsaw, which again becomes - next to Paris, New York, Vilnius or Tel Aviv - an important center of Yiddiszland.

Jewish Open University

For several years, we have also been conducting academic classes as part of the Jewish Open University. Each semester is devoted to a completely different issue, and among the lecturers there are outstanding specialists of given fields. The following semesters of classes have been held so far:

Summer semester 2022/2023: Zmysły

Winter semester 2022/2023: Wymiary grozy

Summer semester 2021/2022: Posthumanism

Winter semester 2021/2022: Female/Male

Summer semester 2020/2021: JEWISH (AUTO) BIOGRAPHIES

Winter semester 2020/2021: HOME

Summer semester 2019/2020: ECO-LOGIES

Winter semester 2019/2020: Translation. Translations of Jewish culture

Summer semester 2018/2019: Future

Winter semester 2018/2019: Anthropology and Jewish studies

Summer semester 2017/2018: Jewish philosophy

Winter semester 2017/2018: Nationalisms

Summer semester 2016/2017: Body

Winter semester 2016/2017: Memory

Summer semester 2015/2016: Migration

Winter semester 2015/2016: Book, books, booklets

Summer semester 2014/2015: Jewish things

Winter semester 2014/2015: Other / Foreign

Summer semester 2013/2014: Jews and pop culture

Winter semester 2013/2014: Post war

Summer semester 2012/2013: Politics and politication

The classes are under the patronage of the Rector of the University of Warsaw, and University students attending lectures can receive 5 ECTS credits as part of general university classes. Of course, we invite all those who want to deepen their knowledge, even if they have already completed their education.

The program includes 75h of academic classes and meetings with important personalities in the field of our interest, discussions, film screenings as well as visits to cultural institutions and themed walks.

The subject of the summer semester 2022/2023: Zmysły

Beginning of the semester: March 1, 2023

Lectures take place on ZOOM on Wednesdays from 5.30p.m. – 8.30 p.m.

We are waiting for applications until February 28, 2023 or until the limit of free places.

More info here:

We develop Yiddish culture

The Center also has a University of the Third Age, which offers classes, lectures, language classes and various workshops for seniors. Our students also run their blog.


We are also expanding our educational offer with various meetings taking place during the weekends. These include: Yiddish song workshops led by Teresa Wrońska, as well as workshops for children or discussions with important artists of note and authors of the latest publications on Jewish issues.

Once a year – in spring – we organize a scientific tour of the Jewish routes. So far, we have already visited Rzeszowszczyzna, Grodno, Zamojszczyzna, Płock and around, Lower Silesia, Kaszuby, and Podlasie.

We also regularly organize meetings with authors of interesting and important books, researchers conducting novel research and people whose stories are worth getting to know.

For more information about our current and past activities please see our webpage and Facebook profile.  

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The center strives to be a place where history meets the present day, where innovative cultural projects will be initiated and implemented, and a lively dialogue between Polish and Jewish culture takes place. A place gathering the creative energy of people interested in the culture of Ashkenazi Jews and all literary, artistic, etc. Polish-Jewish borderlands.

We are open to cooperation, new ideas and initiatives. Please contact us.

More information: Dominika Ludwig (Jewish Open University), Natalia Chmielarz (educational and cultural program), Katarzyna Batarowska (University of the Third Age), Anna Maria Czubaczyńska (Goldene Lebn Club); tel. 22 409 91 00,,

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